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People who do not visit their dentist often enough are viable to wake up one morning and find out one of their teeth is abscessed. This problem is not only very painful, it is also embarrassing and potentially dangerous.

About abscessed teeth

An abscessed tooth is in fact an infected tooth. The abscess is the body’s response to the infection. The infection can result from a cavity, from receding gum line, cracks in teeth, loose teeth and other factors that create a favorable ground for the bacteria to multiply.

When the infection occurs, the body reacts by sending the white blood cells or leucocytes to the infection site and those cells mix with accumulated fluids and other constituents, creating puss. If the puss is not able to find an exit through which it could drain out, it continues collecting and causing swelling.

The symptoms of abscessed tooth include pain, which is usually intense and can be shooting, sharp or throbbing, fever, bad breath, bitter or salty taste in mouth, swollen lymph glands, tooth sensitivity to heat or cold and general feeling of malaise.

Home remedies for abscessed teeth

Every abscessed tooth needs to be checked by a dentist, who will decide what the course of treatment should be. Until the dentist sees the tooth, there are several home remedies that can help with the symptoms of abscess.

Salt water gargles are a great way to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and to sanitize the tooth. Salt contains minerals that make it antibacterial in nature. For best results, gargles should be made of warm water with half a teaspoon of sea salt.

Wet tea bags are one of the bets traditional remedies for toothache and they can be used for abscessed teeth too. All it takes is one teabag used for brewing some tea and placing it on the affected tooth. Tea contains catechins, antioxidants that relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. This remedy should be used twice a day.

Cold compresses are also helpful, especially against the pain and the swelling. However, it is important not to allow the ice to touch the skin. It is better to wrap it in a clean washcloth instead.

A great remedy for abscessed tooth can be made from three or four cloves and a small piece of ginger. They should be boiled in a glass of water until half the water evaporates and then the concoction is strained and allowed to cool down. Lukewarm concoction should be used for gargling several times a day.

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