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This text will focus on the gel that can be used for problems such as the pain, strains and bruising. It has anti-inflammatory abilities and it is called arnica gel. We will see which benefits our body can experience from it. Arnica Montana is a name of the plant of which arnica gel is made. Other names for this plant are wolf's bane and leopard's bane and it can be found across the Europe. This herb commonly has one flower head and stem high from 20 to 60 cm. It has long leaves and bowers that are yellow and quite large. This herb can be used for medical purposes and if it is grown for this purpose, it can be grown in herb gardens. But the natural environment of this herb is meadows with poor nutritional possibilities. Be careful if you are consuming this herb due to the poison it contains, and which is called Helenian. A person can suffer from poisoning if large amount of this herb are consumed. There are arnica tables and gel made of this herb, which has anti-inflammatory abilities. Also, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs have very effect similar to these tablets and gel.

Uses and Benefits

You can get this gel online or over-the-counter since it is a homeopathic remedy. Price for a bottle of 1.5 oz. is around 5 $. In order to avoid some possible side effects, make sure to buy a quality product. The use of arnica gel consists of applying this gel for two or three times during the day. Thin layer of arnica gel should be applied. The skin will quickly absorb this non-sticky and non-greasy gel. The ingredients of this gel are silicone oil, sodium hydroxide, alcohol, carbomer and pure water, apart from Arnica Montana, which is a main ingredient. As we have mentioned, this gel can relieve the pain, but keep it away from eyes and open wounds. Problems that can be treated with this gel are bleeding due to surgery, pain, heart strain, concussion, tense backache, discomfort due to strained ligaments, strained muscles, strained joints, bruises and traumatic injuries. Three days in a row this gel should be used for results to be visible.

Side Effects

Some studies confirm the anti-inflammatory effect of this gel, while others don't. There are some possible side effects, such as allergic reaction, which can cause shock, breathing problems, hives, itching and runny nose. Be sure never to apply arnica gel on eyes and nose area, and always apply it on the external skin. Those who are allergic to marigolds, chamomile or sunflower, have to be careful when using arnica gel. It can also cause allergy among these people. If allergic reaction appears, go to the hospital immediately. Always consult a doctor before you start taking a medication or a supplement.

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