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ArnicaMontana is the plant also known as mountain tobacco or leopard’s bane. The plantbelongs to the sunflower family, and when fully developed it can be about twofeet high. Flowers of arnica are similar to daisies, but they are yellow incolor.

There are manybeneficial ingredients in this plant, but flavonoids, antioxidants and sesquiterpenelactones are useful for therapeutic purposes. Arnica also possesses essentialoil, which main ingredient is thymolol, known to fight against infections. Becauseof these active components, arnica supplements are used to bring wellness, relievepains and swelling and stimulate white blood cells. Arnica supplements arealso known to relieve the pain from the inside of the body.

Arnica canbe found in the forms of tablet and capsules, but also as sprays, gels or othertopical products. There are also some tinctures and oils made from thispowerful plant. Tablets and capsules are very popular in Germany and France,and there are some hospitals there providing arnica tablets for pain relief oftheir patients.

Benefits ofArnica

So, as we alreadystated, this plant is very useful to relieve the pain. Whether it is the injuryor sprain of the muscles, arnica can help you. Many trainers and athletes usethese supplements for the bruising, swelling and other sport injuries. Arnica tabletsmay even prevent the stiffness and black and blue marks.

If youexperience pain because of the exposure to some extremely cold weather – arnicatablets may also do wonders for you. Surgeons also know that arnica may relievethe pain if used before and after the surgical procedure, and many of themrecommend arnica supplements to their patients.

Childbirth painscan also be relieved with arnica supplements, as well as the swelling and pain causedby bursitis.

Other thanpain reliever, arnica is also powerful anti-bacterial plant, and as such it canbe used to prevent various infections. People with skin prone to acne can benefitfrom anti-bacterial properties of this plant, because it is proven to easedifferent conditions of the skin.

Safety Measures

Arnica supplementsrarely cause any side effects, especially if used according to therecommendation of your doctor and/or licensed homeopathic practitioner. However, long term usage mayprovoke: stomach problems, vomiting, irregular bowel movements or dizziness,and in some cases hypertension (high blood pressure).

Be extracareful if you already use blood thinners and want to use arnica supplements. Alwaysconsult your doctor before the start of the herbal treatment.

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