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Anxiety is a Problem

Many people consider stress a usual,unavoidable part of life. In the same manner they tolerate anxiety,taking it for granted and letting this state of mind affect theirlives. Anxiety may not be so dangerous if it appears for a reason.For example, being anxious is to be expected before an importantceremony, a test, a job meeting and so on. However, if anxiety ispresent in your life to the extent that it makes you incapable ofeating, sleeping, leaving home or even speaking to other people, youmight have a more dire mental issue at hand. Thus, there are manyforms anxiety may take and many ways it may have an impact on one'slife. For these reasons, it is important to treat anxiety as soon aspossible and exterminate it from your life, once you notice how thisnegative anxiety is threatening to take the best of you, leading toyour mental and physical deterioration. Sure, you might opt formedications which have more side-effects than actual positiveeffects. On the other hand, you might give acupuncture a try. Thisdiscipline, belonging to the area of alternative medicine, has provenitself capable of relieving people from stress and anxiety plenty oftimes.

What Causes Anxiety?

One of the most common causes ofanxiety is panic attacks. Namely, these fits manifest through suddenonsets of indescribable, baseless fear, capable of causing breathingdifficulties, dizziness, nausea and many other problems to thesufferer. These are usually reoccurring, making them even moreserious. Next is obsessive compulsive disorder. This conditionmanifests through a set of unwanted things which people do, more orless without their volition. Thus, even though they know that theyare doing things which are wrong or pointless, they cannot stop.While the first condition is considered to be connected with theheart and blood heat, when Chinese acupuncture is concerned, thelatter condition is claimed to have something to do with theimbalances in the Spleen-Yin. Therefore, acupuncture will treat thesepathways in order to provide stress relief in these areas.

Another anxiety issue is the posttraumatic syndrome. Mainly, this manifests through panic attackscaused by a previously witnessed, traumatic scene. Acupuncturerelates this to the suspension of Qi, treating it as such a problem.

Finally, acupuncture can treat phobiasas well. Here, these are connected with the lack of energy whichgoverns the blood of the patient. Therefore, it needs to bereinforced by stimulating certain spots in one's arm. Acupuncture cantreat general states of anxiety, when people are troubled byproblems, worries and frustrations daily. Thus, it may provide acertain stress relief, which may be more than helpful in suchsituations.

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