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As the lifestyle in the modern society has become very turbulent, people often experience anxiety attacks. Occasional anxiety attacks are present in almost 50% of the population. This condition is usually treated by the medicines that can have serious side effects and cause withdrawal signs. However, we also have some remedies that are completely natural and very helpful in minimizing anxiety symptoms. There is an argument on whether anxiety is a disorder or not, but it is a fact that this problem causes inabilities in everyday functioning and it has negative effects on the immune system.
Anxiety symptoms
Signs that occur during the anxiety are sleeping problems, bruxism, irregular heartbeats, problems with breathing, constant worry and stomach problems. These symptoms are only some of the possible disturbances during the anxiety attacks, but there are a lot more problems that can appear due to anxiety. We decided to mention those that are the most common. It is important to know that every person can experience different signs of anxiety, because we are all different.
Anxiety treatment
In the United States, anxiety is usually treated with anti-anxiety medicines. However, natural remedies are much better because they do not cause side effects. Here will be mentioned some of the most effective natural remedies in anxiety treatment.
Kava is an herb that helps in reducing anxiety level. There were many studies about this herb and its influence on anxiety, and they all showed that it is very beneficial when it comes to this problem. We must mention that this herb can have negative effect on the liver and that is why it is not used in Europe, but in the States, it can be used in low doses. Another herb that is helpful for anxiety is Skullcap. This herb was not researched that much, but there are evidence that it can significantly decrease anxiety. Passionflower is very effective in curing constant anxiety. Studies showed that passion flower is as effective as Oxazepam when used over a month. There are some supplements that can help in solving anxiety problems and one of them is melatonin. Melatonin can help in reducing stress in both genders, male and female.
Today we have other possibilities that can help us very much to reduce anxiety levels. We can use acupuncture, technique called biofeedback, aromatherapy, or some other relaxation techniques. The combination of different natural therapies is something that is maybe the best solution for anxiety attacks.

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