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Facts about Insomnia

Basically, insomnia is sleeplessness.Most of us are affected by it from time to time. However, it usuallylasts for a single night, after which we can sleep without problems.Nevertheless, there are people who suffer from constant insomnia fordays, even months.

The short-termed insomnia is calledtransient insomnia and usually lasts for one night in two weeks. Ifit happens more often, it is referred to as intermittent insomnia,while chronic insomnia is sleeplessness affecting you for at leastthree times a week for a month, year or the rest of your life.

Insomnia, making people stay awake, hasmany negative effects on our health. Restlessness, tiredness,nervousness and drowsiness are just the top of the iceberg. We arebound to experience many concentration problems, since we are likelyto be in a state of constant daydreaming. This can lead to manyaccidents, especially in traffic, since drivers suffering frominsomnia may fall asleep shortly.

Being troubled by sleeplessness for alonger period of time can seriously affect your life, relationships,hobbies and your own personality.

Reasons behind Insomnia

Nutrition can be one of the causes.Drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks can raise your level ofawareness, making it impossible for you to sleep, especially when youconsume these in the evening. Alcohol, even though helping you fallasleep, prevents your body from entering REM phase of sleep, thus contributing to insomnia as well.

Environmental factors come next. Noise,climate changes, heat or cold and similar factors can all interferewith your sleep. Sometimes, sleeping in a different bed, traveling alot or working night shifts may cause insomnia as well. Stress, griefand frustrations add on to the list and quite often result in manysleepless nights in our lives.

Additionally, suffering from an illnesslike asthma, eating disorders, peptic ulcers or anxiety makes usprone to staying awake at night. Finally, hormonal changes duringmenopause, puberty, adolescence and other such periods, all have thesame effect due to sweating, mood swings and other symptoms.

Treating Insomnia Naturally

Something simple as taking an aromaticbath before bedtime may cause you to relax and sleep like a baby. Addseveral drops of lavender, marjoram or ylang-ylang essential oils toyour bath and indulge into this relaxing experience. Alternatively,you may drop the oils on your pillow.

Scent of chestnut flowers can be usedfor helping you sleep as well. Valerian tea, when drunk in adequateamounts, is a great sedative which will put you in the right mood fora good shuteye.

Also, you might try exercising,changing your diet, practicing yoga, meditation or other means ofrelaxation. Finally, avoid napping and use your bedroom only forsleeping.

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