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Anxiety in women

The anxiety attacks occur more inwomen than in men or in children since apart from the increased stress levels, women experience anxiety attacks due to certain biological changes, such as menstruation, childbirth and menopause. The state of being anxious is a normal reaction of the body to stress, but when the symptoms of this state become worse, it is then regarded as anxiety disorder.

Many people tend to confuse fear and anxiety but these two feelings are not the same because when we feel fear, we are afraid of some specific thing, but when we are anxious, we do not know the cause of it and usually we are anxious without an apparent reason. There are several forms of anxiety and for each kind the symptoms are different.

Anxiety attack symptoms in women

When a woman experiences an anxiety attack, she suddenly has a feeling of doom and she begins to be worried about even the smallest and the most trivial of the happenings. Furthermore, excessive sweating or perspiration, a choked sensation and body chills are also the symptoms that usually appear when the woman is anxious.

An anxiety attack in a woman is also accompanied by mild to severe palpitations, shortness of breath and ache in the chest. Furthermore, in some cases, anxious women may experience dizziness, shaking of the body, nausea and a tingling sensation that spreads throughout the whole body. In some severe cases, derealization or complete detachment from the reality may also follow an anxiety attack. Moreover, the fear of dying without no reason, constant negative thinking, poor concentration and irritation are also some of the symptoms of the anxiety attack, which may appear in the women. Among the signs of the anxiety attacks in women, there are also fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders, such as nightmares and disturbed sleep. It is also observed that women who experience the anxiety attacks are usually antisocial and that they have increased blood pressure.

Treatment for anxiety attack symptoms in women

If a woman suffers from an anxiety disorder, she should seek a professional help in order to effectively treat not only the symptoms, but also the cause after discovering it. This is necessary since anxiety attacks can affect normal functioning of every woman, as well as her activities and her whole life. Behavioral therapy along with certain medications is usually employed when a woman goes through the anxiety attacks often.

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