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Introduction to anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are serious problems that can affect many people. In fact, there are over 40 million reported cases in America alone each year.

Anxiety disorders are actually twice as common in women and it usually manifests in the form of great amounts of stress that do not allow the person to function normally.

There are ways to cope with these disorders, but they include intense lifestyle changes, behavior modifications and nutritional aids as well.

This especially goes for people who do not want to use psychotropic drugs or be hospitalized. Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that manifest differently in various people. Most people feel a sense of irrational fear, worry and stress, and these feelings are very similar to the symptoms of a panic attack.

Other symptoms include a shortness of breath, tremors, heart palpitations, chest pains, tension, and problems focusing.

A person might also have stomach-related problems, sweat excessively, have headaches, experience insomnia and be very irritable. Types

One type of anxiety disorder is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) which usually causes a person to be worried constantly about everyday situations and activities. Obsessive compulsive disorder is another type of anxiety disorder and when a person has this, they experience compulsions that they cannot control, which makes them live and act irrationally without being able to stop, even though they usually know that what they are doing is irrational.

Excessive hand-washing because of a fear of germs is a type of OCD action.

Panic disorders are also another kind, and it sometimes comes along with certain phobias, such as agoraphobia, which is a fear of small or confined spaces.

These phobias represent a fear that is irrational, especially of things that are not normally considered dangerous to most people.

Herbal remedies

There are some herbal remedies that can help to control anxiety disorders. One is gotu kola, which is an herb that has been used for many years in Indian cultures. This herb will help to reduce stress and improve the immunity of people.

Siberian ginseng is another one. This herb will increase stamina and help people deal with stress as well.

Wild yam is a natural relaxer that can help as well.

Other herbs that can help include valerian root, hops and passion flower. All of these herbs will help to calm a person and ease tensions. These herbs will help to ease a person’s stress levels, which in turn will make them less prone to experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

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