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Immune system

Immune system is a complex mechanism which contains the leukocytes and antibodies that fight against various infections and impacts of viruses and bacteria. When the immune system is weakened, organism is disposed to the bacteria and viruses, which easily leads to various diseases.

Good immunity implies an optimal sleep and rest during the day, everyday moderate physical activity, proper and moderate diet, healthy habits, fatigue and stress reducing, maintaining personal hygiene and hygiene of working and living space.

Causes of Low Immunity

The greatest enemy of the immune system are free radicals. They damage healthy cells and lead to mutations, which may result in serious illness such as cancer. However, the protective substances in food called antioxidants, can stop free radicals.

Also, one of the main causes of immune system weakening are chronic diseases.

Bad Habits

The immunity is compromised by bad living habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.


Stress, constant tension because of daily obligations, bad mood, concerns and pessimism weaken the immune system.


Strenuous intellectual or physical work, chronic fatigue, insufficient and irregular sleep and rest may also be a trigger for weakening the immune system. Optimum sleep that positively affects human body assumes 6-8 hours of sleep a day. Also, rest is an excellent anti-stress body relaxer and a battery charger for the following hard work.

Living space should be ventilated and well-lit. Also, person should spend some time during the day in the open, exposed to natural light.

Poor Nutrition

Irregular and unhealthy diet low in nutritive substances (vitamins, minerals, proteins) is one of the biggest immunity enemies. Therefore it is necessary to include antioxidants, fruits (bananas, citrus, grapes, apples and natural fruit juices), vegetables (onion, garlic, cabbage, tomato, pepper), whole grains, and proteins (chicken soup, lean poultry meat, shiitake mushrooms, lean milk and yogurt) in the diet to improve immune system. Also, spices (rosemary, celery, parsley and ginger) thanks to their ingredients may significantly contribute to the strengthening of immunity. In addition, herbalists recommend ginseng, echinacea, chamomile, mint and valerian for improving immune system.

Physical Inactivity

Insufficient physical activity is also very important factor that negatively influences on immune system. Moderate physical activity (walking, swimming, easily running and dancing) keeps the body fit, which is very important for maintaining good immunity and preventing many diseases and disorders. It is important to note that person should not exaggerate in the physical exercises, because it exhausts the body and reduces immunity.

Toxic Substances

Toxic substances accumulated in the air, water, plants and almost everything that surrounds us, weaken defense capabilities of the organism.

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