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Xanax belongs to a class ofmedications known as benzodiazepines and is very efficient in treating anxietydisorders. It consists of ingredients which cause the body to relax and due tothat we don’t feel anxious. In most of the cases it is used twice or threetimes during the day and as any other medications it can produce some adverseeffects. Xanax works as an anxiety reliever but it can result in drowsiness it is a muscle relaxant and it blocks seizures. All the medicines from thegroup of benzodiazepines produce similar results, and because of the sedatingeffect they have, they are also called CNS depressants.

There is a natural centralnervous system depressant and that is alcohol, which is why the combination ofalcohol and Xanax used together may lead to some very severe consequences. Itis often forbidden to consume alcohol during the treatment with Xanax. And thatis not all. Actually a person who suffers from psychiatric disorder shouldn’tuse alcohol since Xanax can increase the results of using alcohol. So, nowwhen you know this, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible while takingxanax. As for the consequences of combining alcohol with Xanax, most frequentlyappear signs such as sleepiness, feeling that you are about to faint, issuesregarding coordination, strange behavior, problems with remembering things. Aperson may have slower pulse and difficulty while breathing, which can lead tothe loss of consciousness and unfortunately, even death. It is warmly advisedto individuals who suffer from any form of psychiatric disorder not to consumealcohol. Some of them may think that alcohol can help them, but it can onlyresult in alcohol abuse. The best thing to do is to talk to your medicaladviser about alcohol and Xanax usage because he will give you accurateinformation on how to take Xanax safely.

The usage of Xanax can producesome side effects, but these side effects appear extremely rarely and not inevery person. There are also other side effects which will not be mentionedhere but if you want to find out more about them and consult your doctor. Theusage of Xanax can be followed by sleepiness, weariness, snappiness, and strongurge to eat. Less frequently occur side effects such as problems with speaking,periods, urination, and there are also disarray, decreased sex desire, problemswith stool and need to talk more than usual.

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