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The role that antioxidants play

The importance of antioxidants for the health in general andproper functioning of the organism is well known to many, but for those whomight not be aware of it, antioxidants have a potential to fight the negative effectsthat toxins have on the body, sometimes reducing them, and sometimes even eliminatingthese effects. In this way, they protect the body from various health issues,as well as from the effects of aging. Surely the effects of this inevitableprocess cannot be avoided, but they can be delayed to a certain extent.

Antioxidants can be found in the form of supplements andthey are also a good option, but much better and more natural option are their naturalsources. They can be found in various types of food and some contain more,while others contain less of them, which is why it is important to educate asmuch as possible about this issue, in order to know which types of food need tobe taken in greater quantities in order to fulfill the needs of our body. As forthe foods that are known to abound in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables areat the top of the list. Aside from them, cereals, legumes and nuts are alsorich sources, and the same goes for seeds.

Food rich in antioxidants

Berries are practically loaded with antioxidants, as well aswith numerous vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Weather strawberries,blackberries or some other type of berries, it does not really matter becausethey are all more than beneficial for the health.Broccoli is another rich source of them, which is why eventhose who do not really enjoy its taste should include it in their menu. Other vegetablesfrom the group of cruciferous vegetables are also good sources, but broccoli isdefinitely the richest, regardless of the way in which it is prepared.Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is much more powerful thanbeta-carotene, as well as glutathione, which is another important antioxidant. However,in order to use the beneficial nutrients of tomatoes as much as possible, it isrecommended to cook them and serve with oil.Garlic is used in medicinal and culinary purposes, and eventhough many people do not like the way it smells, it should be included in thediet due to its numerous powers and benefits for the human health.Other rich sources of antioxidants are soy, whole grains, carrots,spinach, tea, and since they are all available for the majority, their benefitsshould be used on regular basis.

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