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What is finger tendonitis and what are the main symptoms?

In order to understand what finger tendonitis is, it may be helpful to make it clear first that the term tendon refers to the fibrous structure that connects the muscle to the bone, and that tendonitis refers to an inflammation, or swelling of that structure. When, it comes to hands and fingers, the tendons are located along the palm side of each finger and each finger has two of them. They are called flexor tendons, and the longer one is connected to the last bone of the finger, bending the tip, while another one that is shorter bends the middle joint.

Finger tendonitis would be an inflammation of a finger tendon, and the main symptoms that might indicate this condition are an inability to bend a joint of the finger, swelling of the joint that is closest to the fingertip and pain when bending the finger. The pain is usually worsened at night, or during repetitive activities. As for the causes of this unpleasant, but not serious condition, the most common is overuse of the finger or joint in question, which usually happens as a result of some strenuous or repetitive activity. An injury of the finger in question can also be the cause of finger tendonitis, but it has also been proven that with age people are more prone to this condition, which means that aging may also be listed as a cause.

Can finger tendonitis be treated and how serious is it?

This condition is not serious, and it can be treated. There are several methods that can help in relieving the pain and reducing the inflammation, which is what the point of the treatment is. Some of the methods can be tried even without the consultations with the doctor, and they include rest of the affected finger and applying ice packs or warm compress, because that way the blood supply to that area will be increased. Also, inevitable are certain over-the-counter medications that will help in reducing the pain and inflammation, though some homeopathic remedies may help with this as well. Besides all this, there are some exercises that can help in the treatment of finger tendonitis, though they should be done gently in order not to aggravate the condition. If none of these methods helps, the person might want to see the doctor, because the case may require more serious treatment.

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