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What exactly is andropause and how does it manifest?

Andropause is a kind of a transition period for the males who are between the ages of 40 and 50, and this period is very similar to the female menopause. The reason why andropause and menopause are considered to be similar lies in the fact that a drop in the levels of hormones is inevitable, which is closely related to the changes in moods, attitudes, physical activity and sex drive. It is very likely that fatigue and loss of energy will be experienced, and these are all signs that more or less occur in both sexes. Also, it should be mentioned that the symptoms vary from person to person, and they are not experienced in the same way in all cases. However, here we will deal with the symptoms that are typical of the male population.

The first symptom that causes the greatest concern for the majority of men is the possibility of the declining sex drive. It is very likely that they will lose the interest in sex, and that it will become less enjoyable. Besides this, it will take them much more time and effort for the same physical activities. Another rather concerning fact is that after they turn 30, every ten years, men lose approximately 10% of their lean body mass, which is usually accompanied by the increase in fat mass and by obesity. The actions that they used to deal with easily will become much more difficult to deal with in this period, and their ability to remember and focus will be decreased. Osteoporosis is another serious threat that they should be aware of, because it increases the risk of bone fractures.

How to deal with andropause?

Until the middle of the previous century, people were not even aware of this phenomenon, but today the interest in andropause is increased due to the fact that men live longer and due to the fact that it is much easier to recognize the signs and symptoms and to seek a medical help in order to treat them. Of course, there are still those men who do not want to admit that they have a problem of this kind, and they are not aware that a simple hormone based therapy may improve a number of symptoms, starting from the sex drive, all the way to the increase of the levels of energy and reduction of the risks of various heart problems.

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