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Depression might be something that more or less everyone experiences in life at some point. This condition can come in many shapes and forms, and it can be treated with many methods. For some people it is just an episode in life, while for the others it is a chronic condition that needs constant monitoring.


Some basic signs and symptoms of depression include pessimism, sad feeling, nervousness, irritability, appetite issues, lack of energy, problems with focus and concentration, sleeping problems, libido issues, headaches, etc. The list is very long and might include signs that are characteristic for each case, different in each depression situation.

Causes of depression

To some point, depression causes in men and women are the same. Depression can be caused by some other condition or illness, usually psychological in nature. Those are post traumatic stress syndrome, all sorts of disorders (panic, OC, anxieties), etc. In all those cases, depression can be a consequence, or it can be the cause of the mentioned issues. There are other medical problems that can be a contributing factor to the occurrence of depression. Those are physical problems, chronic or acute, such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, and others. It is proven fact that depression is almost always present when there is some serious physical problem involved, which means that patients are having a hard time dealing with their medical problem and thus depression comes.

Other causes of depression might include the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, depression might be hereditary. When it comes to men, they might deal with depression a bit differently than woman. This means that they can easily turn to alcohol, even drugs and, when asked about the symptoms, they will usually say that they have problems with tiredness, loss of libido, lost of interest in more or less everything, sleeping issues etc. Interesting statistics for the US say that women try suicide more often than men, but men die more from often the suicide.

As for dealing with therapy, it differs from case to case. If there is some physical or other medical problem, eliminating that problem usually leads to elimination of depression as well. If that is not the case, finding out about the cause leads to problem solution. If a cause is not discovered, medications can be used in order to deal with the signs and symptoms. Of course, psychotherapy is another approach that might prove to be the most effective and it can be done via solo sessions and through group therapies.

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