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What is Klinefelter syndrome and why does it occur?

Klinefelter syndrome is a medical term for the conditionthat is typical of males only, and these males have an extra X chromosome inthe majority of their cells. The condition is also known as XXY condition,because the males in question have an XXY chromosome pattern instead of XY. Thefact is that this condition is not at all rare; what’s more, it is one of themost frequent chromosome abnormalities when it comes to humans. There is a widerange of symptoms that are related to this condition, but not all the men willexperience the same. On the other hand, a number of men do not have toexperience the symptoms at all, and this depends on the amount of testosteronein the body, the age at the moment of diagnosing the disorder, and severalother factors.

What are the main symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome?

Since Klinefelter syndrome may affect three areas ofdevelopment, all the symptoms can be divided into three groups.

As for the physical symptoms, those typical of babies areweak muscles and insufficient strength, which is a reason why they begin to situp and walk later than it is usual. Since their body does not produce enoughtestosterone, this causes their body to be taller, with less muscles, and lessfacial and body hairs. Due to the same reason, they will experience infertilityin the greatest majority of cases, because even though they can have perfectlynormal sex lives, their bodies fail to produce enough or any sperm. It is also possiblethat although they are taller, their hips will be broader, breasts larger, andthey will have lower level of energy in comparison to other boys. It is typicalof these men to be more prone to various health conditions starting from toothdecay, to vein diseases, osteoporosis, and a number of autoimmune diseases.As for the symptoms that affect the development of language,they are very likely to experience problems with reading and writing,processing what they hear, expressing their thoughts, particularly in thechildhood.The symptoms and signs that are related to the socialdevelopment usually refer to the fact that these children are quiet and notdemanding, and as they grow up, their level of self-confidence is poor, theyare less active, and very obedient. However, these problems are usually typicalof the period until they become adults, since with time, they learn how to dealwith everything and they may lead perfectly normal lives.

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