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There are many reason why the human abdominal region is very important and we are going to review some basics of anatomy of the human abdomen below.


The abdominal region contains most of the human organs which include the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gastrointestinal system and urinary tract. Theseare all important organs whose malfunction can cause many problems and mighteven lead to death. Because of this, these organs must beprotected from inside and out. Outside protection is needed becauseof some possible physical trauma that might cause dangerous injuries. On theother hand, inner protection is all about not straining organs too much. For example,liver and kidneys are used for filtering all substances that enter the organismand if we are not careful, they might start functioning improperly or evencease functioning.

Gastrointestinal tract is used for processing food andreleasing nutrients into bloodstream. As for abdominal area, there are stomachand intestines (including gallbladder). Urinary tract includes kidneys andurethral channel that leads outside for urination process. These are all verydelicate elements and there are a lot of things that might go wrong. To avoidthat, all of these organs must be taken care of, with normal, healthy eating,proper living and regular exercising.

Why is physical activity and dieting important for organs?Fat tissue can also be present in the layers surrounding the organs and that isdefinitely not a healthy thing. Weight reduction and fat burning process willhelp solving this problem. Also, physical activity increases overall energy andthat will help certain systems in the organism. Physical activity increases therate of basal metabolism and that helps food with passing faster through the intestines. Normal, healthy eating will help kidneys filtering substances fasterand more effective, at the same time preventing the creation of the kidney stones.


Skeletal abdominals surrounding the abdominal cavity areimportant not only for holding and protecting the content of abdomen, but alsofor keeping the proper posture, supporting the backbone, of course. Therefore,it is essential to have abdominal muscles developed up to a certain level (thiswill also prevent the occurrence of hernia). Abdominal muscles must be strong becausethey are the only thing protecting the abdomen; except for thebackbone, there are no additional bones and lungs and heart are protected by ribs.

There are many things that could go wrong with abdomen andthat is an excellent reason to be cautious about it and do everything possibleto keep the abdominal elements healthy and in a good shape.

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