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Living healthy is something we all think about but only from time to time and only when our health is endangered. This means that only when we are sick, we think about what we might have done and what we should do in the future. Sadly, even when we become healthy again, we tend to forget about health until new medical problem arrives and so on…

The problem

It seems that the problem is with the awareness of people. It has to be known how many medical issues can be avoided and to what extent the risk of getting affected by those problems can be decreased drastically by keeping the organism in the best possible shape. The shape here refers to both physical and mental aspect. Some experts even say that the mental aspect might be a lot more important than the physical one. There is also a theory claiming that stress can be cancer inducing factor. So, what is so important when it comes to health? Metabolism must be mentioned in the first place. Metabolism can be defined as all chemical processes that take place in the organism so that it can function normally and properly. There are certain processes that might benefit from speeding up the metabolism, which will also have a positive effect on the entire body. So, how to increase our metabolism?

For example, quickening the digestion process will speed up the metabolism significantly. How does this happen? By having 5 or more meals a day, the digestion tract will constantly work and spend the energy, which will affect the rate of metabolism. It is also important to reduce the amounts of food so that the intestines do not become filled too much, because that will create the counter effect. In this situation, the energy will be redirected from other parts of the body into intestines and that slows down themetabolism.

Also, increased physical activity is welcomed because it keeps the muscles active thanks to the required muscle contraction process. This consumes certain amount of energy, which further contributes to the fat burningprocess.

The solution

It seems that the only way to keep the body healthy and metabolism going at a faster rate is to increase physical activity and to eat healthy and normally. Also, enough rest should be provided for the organism, which is also essential for the immune system to recuperate and prepare for the next eventual attack from some infection. This will result in the energy needed for body's functions to be replenished.

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