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Do you find yourself in the restroom every couple of minutes, wondering why you need to pee yet again? Do you have to interrupt important meetings at work to urinate? Are you having trouble making it to your destination without peeing yourself when you are driving? welcome to the beautiful, exciting, and sometimes somewhat urgent world of pregnancy. An increase in the frequency of urination is a pregnancy sign that is almost universal at the beginning of the first trimester, and one that lasts right up till birth. Read on to find out why.

Pregnant women have a higher blood volume than their non-pregnant counterparts. The uterus, the growing placenta, and the fetus itself all need blood. The increased blood volume supports the life growing inside you. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? The downside for you, the expectant mother, is that this increased volume of blood also means that additional fluids go through your kidneys, onto your bladder, and need to be eliminated. Many women find that they have an especially urgent need to pee during the night time. Later in pregnancy, this is due to the baby putting pressure on your bladder. But early on during the first trimester, frequent night time urination is caused by the fact that fluids which your body retained in your extremities, your hands and feet, return to your kidneys and your bladder as you relax and lie down.

Avoiding stimulating fluids such as coffee and tea can help alleviate this problem. Drinking more water than usual might actually help against nightly bathroom tips. If you find that this is contrary to common sense, you are not the only one. But water helps your system run smoothly, and fights edema, a normal symptom of pregnancy. Would you like to know more about pregnancy signs? We've got a complete list of the symptoms you might be experiencing. Feel free to check it out!

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