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Many weight-loss pills are available over-the-counter. Sometimes, they are too tempting to resist the promise of fast and efficient weight loss. Most of these weight loss solutions haven’t been proved effective and some of them may even be dangerous. Dietary supplements, as well as the weight-loss products, are not subjected to same rigorous standards that apply to prescription drugs. This means that weight loss pills can be sold with limited proof of effectiveness and safety. This is why it is so important to become acquainted with different weight loss solutions and to follow the advice of the experts. Always read labels on your products and try to find a lot of information about the pills. Here is some extra information about Xenical and Alli.Alli

Alli is a product made for overweight adults that are willing to lose some weight. This is actually a milder version of Xenical. It comes as 60 milligrams pill, in contrast to Xenical that is available as 120 milligrams pill. Alli is approved for over-the-counter sale for adults older than 18 years. However, this drug should only supplement your low-calorie and low-fat regiment, followed by a regular physical exercise. Ali decreases the absorption of fat in the intestines and therefore reduces the number of calories the body absorbs. It is taken with meals three times a day and general recommendation is that a person shouldn’t eat more than 15 grams of fat per meal. This is not a magic pill and people will probably achieve only moderate weight loss, and just slightly improve the results of low-calorie diet and exercise. There is some evidence that Alli damages liver and it is very important that dieter seeks medical help upon signs and symptoms of liver disease: fever, fatigue, jaundice, or brown urine. Side effects of Alli include loose stools, frequent bowel movements, gas or oily anal discharge. It isn’t recommended for people who have had an organ transplant, who are taking Cyclosporine and who have problems absorbing food.


Xenical slimming pill is a prescription fat blocker that is able to block one third of calories from fat from being uses. Xenical is also intended for use with a healthy diet plan to help the patient achieve more weight loss. This slimming pill also improves clinical condition in certain obesity-related diseases; it lowers the cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure levels and helps with the symptoms of diabetes. Xenical is associated with the same side-effects and precautions as its reduced-strength version – Alli.

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