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Home treatment for seasonal allergies

There are so many people suffering from seasonal allergies. The allergic reactions are mostly caused by floating pollen and cut grass. There are many home remedies for seasonal allergies that can cut the costs of treatment. The plants are at the height of their pollination process during spring and fall.

Spring allergies in the spring are mostly caused by the pollination of the trees such as birch, hickory, maple, oak, cypress and olive. Summer allergies are usually triggered by the pollinating grass and are characterized by hives and itches. Allergic reactions during fall are mostly due to the pollination of weeds and certain types of trees.

Seasonal allergies are in no way dangerous but they are very annoying and uncomfortable. Watery discharge from the noose, sneezing, headache, itchy throat, swollen sinuses and watery, itch eyes are all pretty much common symptoms of seasonal allergies. All the symptoms last as long as the person is exposed to a specific harmful allergen.

There are various home remedies that can be helpful in treating seasonal allergies. Keeping the windows closed during the pollination season lessens the contact with the harmful allergen that the trigger the symptoms of one’s allergic reaction. Pollination is at its peak in the early morning, so one should avoid any outdoor activities during this period.

Vitamin C is very beneficial for people who suffer from seasonal allergies because it boosts the immune system and lowers the levels of histamine in the body. Olive leaves can be steamed with essential oils to provide an efficient nasal spray with very powerful antimicrobial properties. Dust is very harmful and it can cause and trigger many different allergies, so it is important that one dusts the home frequently to avoid the allergic reactions triggered by dust mites.

Saltwater is an inexpensive way of dealing with allergies. One can make a nasal spray from it in order to wash the pollen away from the nose and reduces the amount of medications taken for allergies. Fruits and vegetables should be ingested as much as possible since they are very efficient in reducing inflammations and boosting the immune system.

Food that is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids is also very helpful in reducing the occurrence of allergy attacks. A hot shower can come in very handy after being outside because it clears the nasal passages and removes the allergens from the body. A concoction made from honey and lime is also efficient in flushing the toxins out of the body. Smoking and tobacco of any type are also known for triggering and aggravating all types of respiratory allergies.

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