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Alcohol poisoning symptoms

Too Much Alcohol

There are many people who consume alcohol now and then. However, most of us know that excessive indulgence in these kinds of beverages can prove to be bad for our health. Namely, alcohol can harm us in many different ways. Therefore, we need to be careful when we drink it and make sure we only drink minimal amounts of it. Too much alcohol in our body can even be deadly.

Some of the basic signs of alcohol intoxication involve certain symptoms visible on the person who drunk too much. First of all, confusion and apparent deficiency of both physical and mental performance are quite common. Once a person gets poisoned by alcohol, his/her breathing slows down drastically, the body temperature lowers and the skin becomes pale or bluish. Of course vomiting is a common sign of having too much alcohol as well. Finally, having seizures and passing out completely add on to the list of possible symptoms. However, before all these take place, you can know that you, or someone else has drunk too much by mere observation and count of the beverages drunk. This can help you react timely and seek help, either for yourself or for other people in need.

How To Help an Intoxicated Person

If you happen to witness all or some of the above mentioned symptoms in a person, you should give your best to help him/her since the life of this person may be seriously jeopardized. Moreover, if you find an intoxicated person unconscious, call an ambulance immediately. Do not leave these people alone since they might suffocate on their own vomit or die from many symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Rather, stay at the spot and explain all the facts and symptoms you have witnessed, once the ambulance arrives.

Once hospitalized, the patient will be well taken care of, until his/her body gets rid of all the alcohol consumed. The person will be monitored and his/her recovery tracked carefully. Dehydration is a common danger when poisoned by alcohol, so proper hydration will be conducted. Also, an adequate breathing is a must and this is an aspect which will be motivated in the patient. If this is not the first time the person has been administered to a hospital for these reasons, he/she will be recommended alcohol rehabilitation program.

Finally, we should all be careful about our alcohol consumption. Each one of us reacts differently to alcohol, since metabolism, body weight and numerous other factors influence our alcohol absorption capabilities. All in all, too much alcohol is bad for you, and you should never test your limits with it.  

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