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Children and Fast Food

At the very onset of the fast food era,during the 50s, children used to move around much more, playingsports and being physically active most of the times. Today, manychildren do not go out that much. Yet, the frequency of familieseating out at fast food restaurants has increased significantly.Therefore, we are faced with a serious problem of childhood obesity,being more prominent today than ever before.

Fast food sold at many restaurantsaround the world lacks fiber, has excessive fat value, as well asabnormal sugar and salt concentrations. Moreover, meals are served incheaper, super sized variants, making people opt for more even whenthey do not need it. All these factors contribute to the negativityof this food and the harmful effect it has on our health and thehealth of our children.

Sadly, today's children get up to 38%of their whole food from fast food sources. Simple math tells us thatthis means about 6 pounds more per year, speaking of the child'sweight. Thus, every child, aging from 5 to 15, eating this often atfast food restaurants, may easily gain 60 pounds during this periodof 10 years. All in all, the equation is simple, fast food equalsobesity, especially in children.

An Ever-Lurking Danger

Obesity, however dangerous it is, isnot the main issue here. Rather, children who base their meals onpizzas, hamburgers and other junk food of this type, end up lackingvital nutrients severely, gulping on nothing more than a load ofcalories. This is a one way ticket to a future with heart attacks,diabetes, cardiovascular problems and death, in the long run.

Amazingly, even at school lunches, ourchildren eat fast food. More than astonishing 15,000 meals aresold each week. Also, youngsters who work at fast food restaurants,eat there every day.

As if that is not enough, the fast foodindustry is bombarding us with commercials, billboard adds, TV addsand numerous other means of marketing. Children get attracted to thetoys which go in pack with the meals in the fast food restaurants,thereby eating more, only to complete the addictive gaming sets andwhat not. So, we need to stop and think about our future and thefuture of those that rely upon our choices.

No one forces us to go and buy fastfood. Thus, we have the ability to choose what we are to eat. Fastfood companies will not change their menus unless we stop buyingfood from them. Having said that, choose alternative food choicesuntil higher quality meals are offered at fast food restaurants. Thisway, you will save your children and many generations in the futurefrom numerous health problems.

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