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Acomplia, also known as Rimonabant, Bethin, Riobant, Simona and by other names, is a diet drug which has been a matter of controversy numerous times. Namely, Acomplia has been withdrawn from the market due to being an anorectic anti-obesity drug affecting one's cannabinoid receptor CB1, reducing appetite significantly and unnaturally.

In 2008, this drug was used around Europe, especially the UK, and the rest of the world. However, during the same year, the Committee for Medical Products for Human Use found out that Acomplia actually had more negative side-effects and health risks than positive effects, recommending its suspension from the UK market. On 16th of January 2009, this drug was officially removed completely.

Facts about Acomplia

Since obesity was being a constantly increasing problem, taking the world by storm and taking people's lives daily, scientists worked around the clock in order to invent an efficient cure for this ever-growing problem. Thus, Acomplia was created as a possible solution for obese people wanting to lose weight fast, as well as for non-obese people desiring the same effect.

The Miracle Unraveled

Basically, this pill told the brain to feel as if the stomach is full, even though the user had not eaten anything or had had only small amounts of food. So, it controlled energy usage, metabolism of glucose and lipids and body mass as a whole. Subsequently, through taking Acomplia, people could manage not to eat anything sweet, fatty or tasty without problems, being capable of smelling and seeing food without craving for it. Also, since metabolism got increased by the drug, users burnt calories even while doing nothing, engaging themselves in no physical activities.

Getting the Pill

In order to get this drug, people needed to visit their doctor and consult with him/her beforehand. All these preventive measures were necessary due to numerous side-effect which this drug triggered and the whole purpose behind the desire for taking it. Statistics say that many people who have taken the drug without prescription endured ailments like epilepsy, galactose intolerance, kidney complications and psychiatric problems. Moreover, pregnant women and people on CYP3A4 suppressors were not allowed to take the drug.

All in all, even though many people managed to lose their weight effectively, by using Acomplia, there were numerous individuals who suffered from life-threatening side-effect greatly. Therefore, this drug, along with all the variants of it, was removed from the market. Hopefully, in years to come, science will be capable of creating a more effective and healthier solution. Until them, eat the right food, stay physically active and pay attention to your health.

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