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Obesity Fight

The following lines will be focus on the Acomplia and otherweight loss related news. One of the world top pharmaceutical and health careresearch firms is Decision Resources and they say that obesity has taken theproportions of an epidemic in the United States, Spain, Japan, Italy, GreatBritain, Germany and France, which are the major world markets. The sales ofthe treatment associated with the weight loss in the 2006 were somewherebetween the 478 million and 2.7 billion dollars, but the Decision Researchstate that his market will increase five times until the year 2016. Accordingto this company, USA will be the state with the biggest demand of such products. But theFDA was not so lean on the Acomplia and they requested a lot of evidenceassociated with the safety of this medicine. Due to this, the medications werewithdrawn but the next year they will be submitted again. This may hamper thecoming of the new generation of medicines in this area, such as Pfizer, Merck,Arena Pharmaceuticals and Amylin, which develop the anti-obesity medications.

There are two options connected with the new medications andthose are less convenient delivery method via injections or the same method ofproduction like the Acomplia. But the medicines that are made in the same waylike the Acomplia will come across the same problems with safetyregulations as well. However, do not think that this kind of medications will comein the market in the next eight years.


The health insurers and self-regulating doctor body, calledG-BA, classified this medication as lifestyle drug and this was laterconfirmed by the Berlin social court. The non-therapeutic expenditure is notallowed to be reimbursed by the health insurance companies according to theGerman law. People think that obesity is a result of a lifestyle and cannot betreated as an illness. Also, due to the costs of the medications, those who aremostly stricken by this problem, the lower class, cannot afford it, so it is onlyreserved for the middle and the upper class of people. Liver disease will bebrought by the alcoholic fatty liver and this may be prevented by the Acomplia.This was detected during the researches on mice, which exhibited no fatty liveralcoholic effects. So with some lifestyle alterations and the use of Acomplia,fatty deposits can be prevented along with the further complications. But thiswill have to be confirmed by the full clinical trials.

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