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We all know that we live in afast world. We do not have the time to the prepare healthy food at home, so we goout to the restaurants, and eat fast food. This behavior has led tothe problem of obesity, which is growing more than ever. When a person wants tohave healthy and slim body, we recommend balanced diet.

Among the most usedmedications are the appetite suppressants, which affect the brain and sendsignals that brain interprets as a full stomach. When obesity is experiencedyou can try two approved medications. Their effect is not really significantbut they can help with the 10 % weight loss, which is the goal at the beginningof the obesity treatment. By taking these medications, a person who is obesecan avoid heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure troubles.


There are two types of appetitesuppressants: the ones that work on the longer run, and those on the shortterm. Sibutramine is a medication that is given in the extreme cases ofobesity. Problems like irregular heartbeat, heart problems, stroke or highblood pressure eliminate the possibility of using this medication.

You can alsouse orlistat. This anti-obesity drug prevents enzymes in the gastrointestinaltract from dilapidating dietary fats into smaller molecules. In this way, thebody can absorb them, and 30 % of the calories intake is reduced. You can alsouse off label medications, which can be received at physicians. Thesemedications are used for something completely different, but your physician cangive them to you for the obesity problem. There are some risks and side effectsto using these medications. Many induce mild side effects, but medicationscalled dexfenfluramine and fenfluramine can even lead to death, if they cause acondition called hypertension. Medications obtained by prescription includemazindole, sibutramine, phentermine, diethylpropion, orlistat, phentermine andphendimetrazine.

You can use antidepressants for weight reduction, but theireffect weakens after six months. Amphetamines were used for weight reductionearlier, but not today. If you use one drug treatment and introduce exercising,some mild weight loss results are possible. In the past serotonin was includedin appetite suppressants, but today these medications are withdrawn from themarket. We have mentioned hypertension, which affects the blood vessels in thelungs. This disorder very rarely occurs and usually in those who use drugs fora long period of time. Problems such as pain in the chest, ankles and lowerlegs swelling, faintness and shortness of breath are some indications of thiscondition, so if you are having such problems, visit the doctor. Trials on dogsconfirm that drug that affects the neurotransmitter serotonin can affectthe central nervous system and damage it. Phenylpropanolamine is one of themost popular over-the-counter medications. It works on the amphetamines and cansometimes cause the increase of heart rate and blood pressure. It has bulkingagents and fiber and their use makes the person feel full. But people withheart problems need to avoid this medication.

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