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There is a wide variety of topical which means on the skin and systemic which means taken internally acne treatments and medications on the market today. The topical option is primarily used for cases of acne that are rather mild and the systemic option is usually used for the more serious acne cases. The topical or systemic options for treating acne will probably be combined with other forms of treatment to cure the acne breakouts long term.

Interlesional Corticosteroid Injection

This is used by the doctor when the acne cyst is very much swollen and inflamed. When the acne cysts are inflamed they then usually burst and inevitably leave you with a scar so this injection is designed to bring down the swelling by softening and melting if you will over the course of three to five days and hopefully will help to prevent any scaring.


This is a very strong option for the treatment of acne. It is used by the doctors for the more relentless acne it is an oral retinoid.Oral Antibiotics

This is used for people who have what you can call average P. Acne oral treatment with antibiotics is the most common treatment used by doctors and usually will be given in six month doses. It works by decreasing the population of the acne which will inevitably decrease the swelling. Unfortunately the acne can and probably will become immune to the effect of the oral antibiotic and is therefore important to switch medication or use some of the more effective antibiotics as listed below.

Erythromycin. It is used because of its effectiveness against a wide range of bacteria there are side effects though such as irritation of the gastrointestinal zone.Tetracycline and derivatives. The tetracyclines takes away the lesions that are inflamed. The side effect of this is stained teeth and they can impede growth so therefore its not advisable to supply this medication to eight year olds or younger pregnant women or breast feeding women.Oral Contraceptives

This form of treatment is extremely effective for clearing up acne by doing one main task which is holding back an over stimulated sebaceous gland. This type of medication can not be given to all acne sufferers such as women over the age of thirty five smokers, if you have a disorder that involves clotting of the blood or if you tend to suffer with migraines so its always best to go through a full consultation with your doctor.

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