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Infant acne is also well-known under the names baby acne and acne neonatorum, as well as infantum acne and neonatal acne. It is an unpleasant condition that affects the baby’s skin soon after their birth. However, acne and pimples are not an unusual condition, since it occurs in roughly 20 % of newborn babies. In the majority of cases, the parents are those who are distresses because they have to look their child with red bumps emerging on the baby’s face. Fortunately, this condition typically does not need any treatment and gradually disappears alone. Infant acne may be a recurrent condition until the baby reaches six months.

Causes of infant acne

Neonatal acne appears because the baby goes through a cleansing process when it is born and in this way the baby is removing the unwanted and excess hormones. It is very important that this process is completely finished. Since many parents do not know that it is a natural process and that it is not harmful for the baby, they tend to clean the baby’s face several times a day. They think that acne appeared because of oily or dirty skin, but the fact is that this frequent washing has the adverse effect because it usually causes an inflammation of the skin. There are certain things that can aggravate the acne condition, such as milk or detergents as well as spitting up.

Treatment of infant acne

Although neonatal acne clears up gradually on its own and does not need any treatment or medication, it is very important to keep the baby’s face clean and dry. It is recommended to wash the baby’s face with mild soap but only once a day. The parents should not apply any lotion or cream on the baby’s affected skin. Furthermore, since strong detergents tend to worsen the state of the present acne, it is extremely important to wash the baby’s cloth, as well as the baby’s favorite blanket with natural and non-perfumed detergents. It is also recommended not to dress up the baby into tight clothes if acne appears on the other area of the body. If the baby frequently spits, the parents should immediately wipe it.

Although there are many over-the-counter medicines for infant acne, the parents should not give it to their baby until they consult the doctor. Infant acne usually lasts about a few weeks and then subsides alone. However, if this condition prolongs and lasts more than 3 months, then the parents should take the baby to a doctor.

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