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Hormonal acne treatment

A lot of people with acne problem wonder how much do the hormones affect the state of acne and whether there is a treatment for hormonal acne.Androgens is the name of the group of acne hormones among which testosterone is the connection between the hormones and the acne.

The one system in the body which regulates all the functions is called the endocrine system. Via the production of hormones the endocrine system is able to do so. There are glands in the body which will create hormones when the they are given the sign to do that. Thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands are some of the well known glands.

When the imbalance or disorder of the endocrine system occurs it usually results in the creation of too many or too few hormone. This will be followed by an undesired condition in the body and thus acne appear.

The best hormonal acne treatment

The first thing a person should do is to get to know the hormones and how they affect the acne. Everybody who suffers from acne probably already know how or why they got them. These people know the importance of the diet and emotional stress and sugar and such stuff. The main problem is the facts that sometimes androgens create too much sebum so the question is why do androgens do that. Androgens can be found in both men and women but men have higher levels of them. The leading hormones in women are estrogen and progesterone. The level of androgens must be normal and if they do rise the oil glands will create too much hormones and that will lead to the acne problem. Women tend to have this problem during puberty, menopause, pregnancy and menstruation period. Because of this women are more sensitive to acne and are usually the sex which seeks treatment for adult acne more.

What causes the imbalance?

There is no general reason because of which acne problem occurs. The makers of pills which are supposed to cure acne have created a nice marketing action and people believe that with that pill their acne will disappear. However, that is not possible.There are a lot of factors which have an influence on the occurrence of acne like certain foods, lifestyle choices, stress levels, hormones in the food chain, fitness levels and a lot more. One of the biggest problems today is that medical acne treatments are concentrated on the symptoms and not the causes and medical hormonal acne treatment is the same.

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