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There is a strong relation between the hormones in the human body and the formation of acne. Certain facts prove this standpoint. For example, when testosterone levels both in men and women rise, it results in oil gland overproduction. Teenagers also tend to suffer from acne more commonly than adults. Moreover, taking a mild dose of estrogen and progesterone helps women to balance male hormones in the body and prevent the production of excess oil.

Testosterone levels and acne

Testosterone is a male sex hormone but equally found both in men and women. Most teenagers suffer from acne because the body, at that point of development, overproduces testosterone. The result is an overproduction in oil glands that causes large amounts of skin oil to enter pores. Together with dead skin cells or dirt this oil forms a plug in the pore. Inflammation of the pore that occurs due this process causes the formation of a pimple. Men have acne problems related to hormones during puberty, while women suffer hormonal imbalances for several reasons.

Hormones in women

Estrogen and progesterone are female hormones but women’s body also has own testosterone levels. Hormonal imbalance between hormones may happen often in certain periods of women’s life. If a level of male hormones gets to high, a women’s body triggers overproduction in oil glands and causes acne outbreaks. These changes are most common during puberty, menopause, pregnancy or while a women menstruates. For this reason many women may have acne problems during their whole life. Women are also much more likely to seek medical help for adult acne treatment.

The treatment

The most effective treatment for females is a low dose of contraceptive treatment. Oral pills contain estrogen and progesterone that can help balance the hormonal level in the body. On the other hand, oral contraceptives must be taken regularly and a woman can’t get pregnant during the treatment.

Another available means of a successful treatment is isotretinoin, a form of vitamin A. This treatment is effective in leveling hormones and suppressing acne but, on the other hand, it has serious side effects and it is not for a long term use.

Other means of self help, effective both in teenagers and adults, is to wash the face more than two times daily with a product suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin, and exfoliate it gently in order to remove excess oil. It is important to restrain from the use of products that may dry or irritate the skin.

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