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Information on Heartburn

There are people who constantly suffer from the heartburn. Heartburn can be treated by using several natural methods. Heartburn is a disorder that affects the digestive system and it involves burning sensations in the esophagus. The gastric acid gets regurgitated below the sternum and it triggers the medical condition known as heartburn.

Heartburn does not anything to do, although some of its symptoms may be similar to the symptoms of heart attack. Heartburn is actually a burning sensation in the esophagus triggered by the unwanted back flow of the stomach acid. There are numerous different causes of heartburn but the most common ones usually include mental stress, alcohol abuse, wrong dietary habits, side effects of different types of medications, dysfunction of digestive system and numerous hormonal changes.

Heartburn can be characterized by certain symptoms and the most common one is the burning sensation that occurs in the lower chest, stomach and rises towards the throat. Other common symptoms include dehydration, painful sensations when swallowing good, difficulty swallowing, a feeling of having something stuck in one’s throat, sour taste in the throat, bloody vomit, bloody stools, shortness of breath and fever.

Natural Heartburn Remedies

The lower esophageal sphincter is a valve located at the lower end of esophagus and its main function is to keep the stomach acid locked inside the stomach. When the valve does not function properly the acid enters the esophagus and causes the inflammation and irritation. There are numerous ways of preventing heartburn.

One should avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages and all the different types of tobacco products. Staying away from spicy foods and certain types of hard foods such as nuts is also a good idea. One should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. A proper stress management is also an important part of the heartburn prevention. It is safe to consume over the counter antacids.

Regular exercises can be of great help for both physical and mental health and improved activity. One should opt for a diet rich in fiber because it may help in providing a much smoother digestion process. The natural remedies for heartburn include papaya, chewing gum, pineapple, aloe vera juice and marshmellow tea. There are also certain types of food that need to be avoided and those include acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, citrus, caffeinated beverages, tomato, chocolate, onion and garlic.

The same can be said for foods that are fatty or oily since they require longer periods of time for the process of digestion.

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