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Dry Socket

There is a chance that after undergoing a tooth extraction you suffer from a dry socket. This problem causes a lot of pain, which can be reduced if you try some of the remedies we will talk about in the following text. Alveoral osteitis is another name for this problem and it usually occurs only among adults after a tooth extraction. This problem occurs after the extraction and due to the blood clot developed in the empty socket. It is called dry socket because there is now just an empty space since the tooth has been removed. A person who suffers from this can even suffer from problems associated with eyes and ears as well as pain in these regions. Also, the enlargement of the lymph nodes can occur among other symptoms such as foul taste, foul odor coming from the empty socket and the pain emitting from the same location. The time needed for recovery can vary along with the pain severity. Also, the chances that this problem will appear rise after each dry socket you experience. We will now see what you can do if you find yourself in such a situation.

Home Remedies

You can use and for this you will require cotton ball that needs to be dipped into water and then into the clove oil. You should use this cotton swab and put it on the socket and the surrounding area, if that area causes pain. This should be done one or two times during the day. Natural antibiotic yogurt should be included in your diet and you can gargle lukewarm saline solution (water and salt). Ice should be used if the dry socket has developed swelling, and mostly it does. The pain can be reduced by the use of cold tea bags due to the acid in them. Just place them on the aching area and press the tea with teeth. You can gargle a mix of turmeric and lukewarm water and this will reduce the pain and help with the dental care as well.

What you should avoid doing if you are having a dry socket problem is chewing tobacco or consuming it in some other form. The gauze can be placed on the socket and then bitten and held. Change it from time to time and it will prevent air and saliva from coming in contact with the socket. Be careful not to swallow it. You can also use peroxide solution as a mouth wash and it will reduce the pain very fast. You can apply ice packs on the outside area since this reduces swelling and pain, too. Remember to keep the area around the socket clean but be gentle when brushing and see a dentist if the pain does not reduce after treating the problem. The best thing you can do is to follow the instructions given by the dentist and avoid the dry socket problem in the first place.

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