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Taurine is also frequently found under another name which is l-taurine and it represents the amino acids that our body is able to create. Nevertheless, the infants are not yet capable to produce this amino acid but it can be found in the breast milk. Therefore, those infants who are breastfed have the higher amounts of taurine in their bodies as compared to the infants, which are formula-fed. Hence, the manufacturers add some level of taurine in the infant formulas. This amino acid is the main component of the bile and the function of nervous, as well as of musculoskeletal system, largely depends on it.

While all the rest amino acids contain carboxyl group since it is the derivative of some other amino acid called cysteine that contain sulfur. Therefore, it is also called amino sulfonic acid.

Taurine is now widely known since it is an ingredient of almost all energy drinks while many sports people and bodybuilders take it as a supplement for building and toning their muscles, as well as for improving the strength.

Health benefits of taurine

Taurine is an amino acid which has its good and bad sides. The skeletal muscles, as well as the nervous system, cannot function properly without enough amount of it. Furthermore, it is good for its antioxidant features and detoxifying effects. The digestion of the eaten foods is significantly facilitated by this amino acid. Moreover, fatty liver deposits are reduced due to taurine, which prevents the development of cirrhosis and the liver disease. Taurine has been proven to help the people who suffer from hypertension, edema and cardiovascular disease.

Taurine dangers

Although it is created by the body itself, this amino acid is present in high amounts in certain kinds of food, such as seafood, meat and eggs. Therefore, the taurine supplements are not necessary if we consume these foods. The supplementation in mainly recommended for the vegetarians since taurine is not present in the plant foods. However, many people tend to take taurine supplements in higher dose than it is needed. As a result, the body can be affected by several discomforts and problems, which are regarded to be the taurine dangers.

The main taurine dangers are hypertension, seizures and stroke. Only one case of encephalopathy has been reported so far as a consequence of the taurine overdose but it is not established if it was the result of the excessive taking of this amino acid supplement or the use of other medicines.

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