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Information on Taurine

Taurine is actually an organic type of acid and it is one ofthe major components of bile. It is also sometimes referred to as2-aminoethanesulfonic acid. It can be found in the lower intestine because thatis where the bile gets produced. It gets derived from the amino acid calledcysteine.

Cysteine containe sulfhydryl. Taurine gets produced from one of theessential amino acids called methionine and it is also related to theaforementioned cysteine. It gets synthesized inside the pancreas and theprocess actually takes place in the cysteine sulfinic acid pathway. Vegetariansusually suffer from taurine deficiency as it is commonly found in meat andseafood.

Taurine provides the body with precious energy and it is one of theessential nutrients for the human body. Those who suffer from taurinedeficiency usually suffer from numerous different symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of Taurine Deficiency

Taurine deficiency is not really a hyped topic in themedical world, but taurine is still a very important type of acid and it isnecessary for proper detoxification of the human body. It is also one of theimportant ingredients in the proper functioning of brain, nervous system andmetabolism. It stabilizes the cell membranes by making the passage of potassiumand sodium ions possible.

The production of amino acid is usually the mostcause of deficiency because taurine requires zinc, cysteine, vitamin A,methionine, and vitamin B-6 in order to be produced in a proper way. Taurinealso requires certain types of enzymes and one of the most important types ofenzymes required for the production of taurine is cysteinsulfinicdecarboxylase.

It can be found incertain types of food such as fish, eggs and meat. The most common symptoms oftaurine deficiency are impaired vision, kidney problems, anxiety, weight gain,depression and hypertension. There is only one way to prevent taurinedeficiency from occurring and it is to take sufficient amounts of taurinesupplements. It is also recommended to consume as much eggs and fish aspossible.

Health Benefits of Taurine

Taurine provides numerous different health benefits. Itfights the free radicals which may cause damage to the cardiovascular systemand other systems in the human body as well.

It can be of great help inpreventing and treating several serious medical conditions such as seizuredisorders, epilepsy, muscular degeneration, hypercholesterolemia, Alzheimer’sdisease, different cardiovascular diseases, hepatic disorders, cystic fibrosisand alcoholism.

It is efficient in improving the functioning of gallbladder,regulating the heart beat, maintaining the stability of cell membranes and treatingischemia and arrhythmia.

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