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Taurine and the main characteristics

Taurine is one amino acid which is of essential importance inthe process of making the proteins. It is essential amino acid, meaning thatthe body produces it on its own, but it can also be found in the form ofdietary supplements, because some people (and even some infants) might needadditional amounts of it. It is one of the ingredients of energy drinks. Meatand fish are the riches natural sources of this amino acid, which has more thana few benefits for the human body. Besides the fact that it is beneficial forthe nervous system, functioning of the retina, insulin and blood platelet activity,blood pressure and forming bile, it can be used in the treatment of a number ofhealth conditions, among which are also congestive heart failure, cysticfibrosis, hepatitis.

Side effects that might be experienced when taking taurine

Still, no matter how beneficial this amino acid might be,there certainly are some people who should not use it, as well as there are casesin which the doctors should be particularly careful before deciding to suggestits use. A part of the so-called risk group refers to people who suffer frommanic depression, pregnant and lactating women, as well as to those who sufferfrom some kind of allergy. Even though there is no evidence about its negative effects incases of pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is recommended to avoid it, justto be on the safe side. As for those who suffer from bipolar disorder, the factis that taurine can aggravate the symptoms, which is a reason enough to avoid it.Regarding possible interactions with some other medications, even though so farthere are no such records, it does not mean that some will not be discovered inthe future.

When it comes to the side effects that can be expected, thetruth is that those that have been reported so far are practicallyinsignificant, because there are no scientific proofs that the problems arerelated to taurine exactly. For example, one bodybuilder took a combination ofinsulin, steroids and taurine, and taurine was taken in the dosage that is muchabove the recommended. The same bodybuilder suffered a very serious braindisease. However, it is necessary not to ignore any unusual symptoms that mightoccur while taking taurine, and to consult the doctor ifanything like that happens. Also, when having in mind its ability to lowercholesterol, blood levels of sugar and blood pressure, those who have problemsof this kind should be careful when using taurine.

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