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Taurine and the main characteristics

Taurine supplements are dietary supplements that contain taurine, an amino acid that the body naturally produces and that is important for building proteins. Besides this, it is beneficial for the nervous system, bile formation, and blood pressure, although it proved to be helpful in the treatment of congestive heart failure, diabetes and hepatitis. In some cases, people need additional amounts of this amino acid, which is why these supplements exist. Those who are at highest risk of developing taurine deficiency are women, since the female hormones block its production, infants since they aren’t able to produce taurine, and vegetarians, since they do not consume dairy and meat products.

Taurine supplements and side effects

Even though so far there haven’t been numerous side effects of taurine supplements reported, the attention should be paid to those that have been reported. Although taurine supplements are natural products, it does not mean that they are free of negative effects. Also, it is very well known that taurine itself may have certain downsides and cause some adverse symptoms, and since it is a main ingredient of this supplement, the same can be expected from it. There was a case of a bodybuilder who used this supplement in combination with insulin and steroids, and who experienced encephalopathy once when he took a larger dose of taurine along with these two, but it has never been established whether or not the combination or the increased dosage lead to this result. It has been reported that bipolar disorder in several cases has worsened after the consumption of energy drinks that contained taurine, but then again, it has not been determined whether or not taurine is responsible for that.

Still, in order to minimize the risks of side effects when using this supplement, it is highly suggested to stick to the recommended doses, and to avoid increased intake of it. Also, there are certain testings that can be done for everyone who is thinking about using this supplement, and it is highly recommended not to avoid them. Pregnant women, or women who breastfeed should not use this supplement, even though no side effects on its use have been reported in such cases. It is important to keep the level of taurine in the body balanced, because it is essential for everyone’s health regardless of age and gender, but it is also important not to take more than it is necesary.

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