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Unreasonably disregarded

Despite the fact that a few people tend to pay attention to it and the effects it may have on their daily lives, the fact still remains that noise pollution is extremely harmful. When it comes to people, aside from annoyance, what has been revealed by way of numerous research studies is that when a person gets exposed to fairly high levels of noise for 8 consecutive hours, his/her blood pressure might increase that much so as to induce various other serious cardiac problems and complications. And this goes despite the fact that the person in question is not evidently nor consciously upset or agitated. In addition to this, noise pollution has also been discovered to hold the perilous potential to induce numerous gastric issues. One aggravating circumstance is that people quite often do not even notice that their body is too stressed by the noise, at least not up to the moment this noise is no longer there. All that is felt afterwards is tremendous relief, coming out of the blue.

The above mentioned complications are, however, not the only quite serious ones. If a person is exposed to extremely loud noise for substantial period of time, this could ultimately lead to partial deafness, as well. According to the surveys, as much as 10% of those people who inhabit industrialized areas suffer from partial hearing loss. But a fact that is even more troubling is that young population of the United States of America is faced with an impaired hearing rate, which is 250% above the one of their parents and grandparents as well.

Furthermore, it is a well tested and proved phenomenon that excess of noise tends to induce violence, since quite a number of assaults and murders can be directly connected to noise issue that went out of control all of a sudden.

Negative Environmental implications

When it comes to the environment, i.e. nature itself, noise is also known to induce quite a number of negative effects, especially in the case of animals. Some of the most evident and most investigated so far are the following:

City birds have to call longer and louder, in comparison to their countryside relatives. Those birds that depend on hearing faculty when it comes to locating a prey are seriously disadvantaged and affected by the excessive city noise. Certain animals are known to be seriously affected by excess of noise in the sense of feeding and breeding patterns, respectively. Noise coming from airplanes and other aircrafts, as well as sonic booms, are regarded as possible causes for decrease in reproduction rate of certain animal species.

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