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Lysine belongs to the essential amino acids which are actively present in the proteins in the body. Lysine cannot be synthesized by the body itself. This amino acid is important since it assists in the production of the antibodies which fight various viral infections, such as herpes or common cold, for example. Since it cannot be manufactured by the body, it must be introduced into the body through various sources like milk, yeast, eggs, potatoes and soy products. Fish, red meat and lima beans are also some of the natural sources of lysine. The necessary amount of lysine is taken through a healthy well-balanced diet, but in cases of lysine deficiency, there are also lysine supplements which are easily obtainable.

Need for lysine supplements

The insufficiency of this amino acid may cause many health problems, which can interfere with the people’s oral daily routine. Those people who have the lack of lysine may experience several symptoms, such as poor concentration, extreme irritability, tiredness and nausea and vomiting. Furthermore, bloodshot eyes, hair loss, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss and problems with fertility may also be some of the consequences of the deficiency of lysine. In people who experience these symptoms, daily dosage of the lysine supplement becomes a must. Lysine supplements behave like vitamin supplements and can be found in the form of tablets and capsules, but also as syrups and creams.

Benefits of lysine supplements

While the lack of lysine can make havoc in the body, lysine supplements provide several health benefits. The people suffering from some viral infection like shingles, genital and oral herpes, may have great benefits from lysine supplements due to its antiviral features. The cold sores are easily and rapidly treated and healed due to lysine and their recurrence is also stopped when the body has the proper amounts of this amino acid.

Lysine supplements are also recommended for the people suffering from osteoporosis, since they have properties that improve the absorption of calcium, which is very significant for the health of the bones. The activities of the bone cells are much improved when lysine is used with another amino acid called arginine. It is also observed that lysine boosts collagen production. Many doctors tend to prescribe the lysine supplements to relieve pain, headaches, migraine and premenstrual syndrome. It is also good for the postoperative recovery in the patients who underwent some type of surgery. The daily dosage of the lysine supplements should always be recommended by a doctor.

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