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Lysine and cold sores

This amino acid is very important for the process of healing, especially in cases of cold sores or fever blisters. We will focus on the problem of cold sores and ways in which lysine can help in this situation. Oral herpes and cold sores can sometimes induce a great amount of pain. These problems are produced by the herpes simplex virus, which develops blisters on the gum roof of the mouth and lips. They are usually brown or red. This virus finds its way through the mouth and nose, and once it enters, it can be passed on to other people since it is very contagious. In order to be affected by the viral infection, a person only has to come in contact with the cold sore. Also it is important to state that this problem reoccurs from time to time, since this virus appears whenever the immune system weakens. Mental stress, physical stress, high arginine level in the body, infection, fever, cold and sunlight contribute to the reappearance of the cold sores. When this problem appears, lysine can be a good solution. This amino acid is not produced by our body, so we have to consume food or take supplements in order to get it in our system. It helps with the development and growth of the cartilage, skin and collagen.

You can find lysine in foods like brewer’s yeast, eggs, lentils, beans, chicken, corn, fish, milk, and potato. The lysine is effective against the problem of cold sores, but we have to explain what arginine is and how this amino acid helps with the herpes simplex virus. Once the immune system becomes weak, the virus is activated from the sensory nerves where it waits. Then it starts to replicate with the help of the amino acid called arginine. The replication of the virus will be in the same amount as the shortage of arginine, which means that if there is less arginine, there will be more virus replication and space for its storage. Lysine will help with the reproduction of virus. It can be acquired in ointments, lotions, supplements and food. Supplements are the strongest and have greatest effects, while lotions and ointments are the least effective

Side Effects

Some of the most common problems lysine can induce are allergic reactions with swelling of the tongue/face/lips, kidney problems, breathing problems, gallstones and diarrhea. See a doctor if some of the mentioned problems appear. Also, try to exclude as much as you can foods like seeds, peas, chocolate, oatmeal, nuts and whole meat, since they have a lot of arginine. Apply zinc on the troubling locations and try to consume more vitamin C and A in order to fight the virus. Doctors need to be consulted if the problem creates a lot of pain, or if the blister becomes large.

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