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Lysine – basic information and facts

Those people who are not familiar with this substance should know that it belong to the group of essential amino acids, and that it is an extremely important component of proteins which, unfortunately, our body is unable to synthesize from other different sources, but that needs to be done by means of a person’s daily diet. When it comes to proteins themselves, an important fact to know is that the different types are endowed with different amounts of amino acids, both essential and non-essential. Just like lysine, another extremely important amino acid that ought to be absorbed from the diet is arginine.

Effect and blockage of herpes outbreaks

After numerous research studies have been done, it has become apparent that supplements based in lysine as well as lysine-rich diet on the one hand, and arginine-poor diet on the other, represent an extremely effective means to battle herpes and its possible and more serious outbreaks. What have these studies also shown is that lysine holds the potential to stop the process of viral replication. Also, in depth investigation of the herpes simplex virus has revealed that they abound in arginine and are extremely low in the rest of the vital amino acids – lysine as well. Thus, by boosting the levels of lysine, it has been discovered that the overall replication of the virus is significantly slowed down. By employing various lysine-based supplements, not only is the overall intensity of the outbreak lowered, but the frequency as well, with lesions healing much faster also. Many natural treatments still lack the effectiveness evidence, due to the fact that they have not been investigated to a satisfying extent. But when it comes to lysine and its power to aid in the treatment of herpes, we have a completely different story since on this subjected there has been done quite a lot of investigating. For example, one of the numerous studies showed that, in those cases in which there occurred the increase in the amount of lysine serum over 165 nmol/ml, this directly resulted in a considerable decrease in the rates of recurrence.

Given the fact that it has been discovered that the levels of arginine might also significantly affect the overall results, in case a person seeks to hinder and stop herpes and its spreading by means of supplements based on lysine, then it can be extremely helpful and desirable to decrease and restrict arginine in every day diet. This way, a proper and needed healthy balance could be achieved.

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