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Sinus infection is a quite common ailment which occurs in many people. Since there are four air cavities in the facial bone there are four types of sinusitis. Apart from the sinuses the nasal passages are also inflamed when sinusitis is in the question.

Causes of sinus infection

Sinusitis may be bacterial, viral or fungal. Furthermore, it may be induced by various pollutants and allergens as well as by temperature and humidity. Weak immune system, stress and hormones are also some of the potential causes for the occurrence of sinus infection.Symptoms of sinus infection

When one suffers from sinusitis he/she typically experiences headache and pain in the nose and eyes. Moreover, nasal congestion, cough and high temperature are quite possible to occur as well. Sinusitis usually affects those people who already suffer from asthma and bronchitis or any other respiratory system disease.

Get rid of sinus infection

When one goes to the doctor with this condition, the doctor usually prescribes certain antibiotics. However, these medications may relieve the symptoms but the sinus infection tends to recur. Therefore, many people prefer the usage of natural remedies. While all medicines have some side effects, those that are all natural do not have any adverse effect and because of that they are preferable for treating not only sinusitis, but also for treating other health conditions as well.

Sinus infection can be successfully cured by using the root of the plant licorice. It is a powerful natural remedy since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is very good at boosting the immune system. Furthermore, as a potent expectorant, licorice thins the phlegm in the cavities enabling the easy expelling of it.Due to strong antiseptic features, eucalyptus is widely used for treating sinus infection. One with sinusitis can either inhale the steam of this plant of drink eucalyptus tea. When it is inhaled the nasal passages are easily cleared.Nasal passages can be cleared with a special solution made of mustard seed powder and water. When the solution is boiled, it should be cooled down a little. Afterwards, two drops of it should be put in the nostrils.Ginger is used to relieve the headaches and nasal problems which accompany sinus infection.The people with sinus infection may also apply cinnamon paste on the head or nose in order to alleviate the pain.The inhalation of the peppermint steam or drinking the peppermint tea is also highly recommended when sinusitis occur.

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