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The strength of balance between the shin muscles and thecalf muscles can be hampered by the shin splints. The shin muscles can suffer anincreased pressure due to the tightening of the calf muscles and this causesthe shin muscles to work more. We will talk about this more in the following paragraphs.

Shin Splints

The shin splint is an inflammation of the shin bone muscle, which is found atthe lower leg front area. The shin splint is a tern that can also describe theinjury of the lower leg. This condition causes the tenderness and pain in theregion of the shin and they usually start from the middle of the shin and insome cases even expand to the knee. The shin splints can be developed by thecalf muscle inflexibility, over-training, excessive running over the hardsurfaces, over-pronation and Achilles tendons.


We will see which stretching exercises can be done which will help with thiscondition. You need to do this stretches as often as you can, because they arevery important. The tight shin muscles need to be stretched because the painmay become very frequent.

Calf Stretch. First exercise to mention is the calf stretch, which is done while standing.Calf is very important muscle in the lower leg so it is vital to stretch it.The front area of the shin bone can become tight if the calf becomes tight.This stretch is done while standing and with a leg placed at a wall. Then youneed to lean your body forward and you should feel the pull located in the calfmuscleToe Walks. The front area of the shin bone suffers a tension that can be reduced with thehelp from toe walks. This stretch is done simply by walking on your toes. Go inthis position across the room and back. Do this as much as you can and the shinmuscles will become stronger and your balance will improve as well.Toe Circles. This stretch is basically the turning of the toes in a full circle. This shouldbe done for 10 to 15 minutes, after which the same needs to be done with the otherleg as well. This is a very simple but beneficial exercise.Rubber Band Extensions. This is an exercise that gives great results if done regularly. The tensionwill be reduced and the shin bone will become stronger. The ankle needs to be wrappedwith a rubber band, while the other is around a chair. The foot is thenflexed in your direction but slowly. The rubber band needs to give a certaintension and not loose. Switch leg after 10 to 15 minutes of doing this. We have to repeat that these stretches need to be done as much as you can, sincethey are very important and can significantly reduce the pain and recovery time.

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