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Your pierced ear might get infected

In case your ear gets infected after you have pierced it, you are in for some very intensive discomfort and pain. This text offers some info and guidelines in case your ear becomes infected after the piercing procedure.

A substantial number of individuals have suffered through the nasty experience of the infected ear after piercing. What the person might encounter among the earliest symptoms of the infection includes tenderness in the area of the ear, swollen tissue, and ruddiness of the ear. The earlobe can potentially be unexpectedly warm and you might feel slight or moderate pain when you touch it. In case your infection of the earlobe is aggravated after some time, do not be surprised if you experience suppuration in the area affected by the infection. Most typically, practical indications of the infection persist for a couple of days. However, in some more serious instances, it might last for a longer period of time.

The culprits behind the infection

This infection that occurs after you have pierced your ear is a condition provoked by the onset of bacteria multiplication in the affected area of tissue. What may cause it is the usage of needles that have not been sterilized prior to the piercing procedure. When you visit a piercing parlour and get your ear embellished with a jewel, you will get all the necessary info pertaining to the care and maintenance of the ear after the procedure of piercing is done. If you succeed in following these guidelines, the chances for catching an infection will be minimized.

Some situations that might increase the chances for getting an infection include contaminating the pierced area of skin with hands not previously washed. Also, if you put on a piece of jewellery that is not suited to the diameter of the new hole in the skin might also pose a significant problem.

The do’s for the infection

This condition that we are speaking about, the infection following piercing of the ear, does not fall under the category of grave medical ailments. In most cases, no intervention on the part of the doctor is required in dealing with the condition. What is of utmost importance in such a situation is to make sure that the ear is cleansed, which will help the body to get rid of the situation on its own.

In case you decide to apply a remedy, there are the following substances on your disposal: epsom salt, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and different antibiotics.

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