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What should be known about dandruff?

It is a fact that dandruff is one of the most frequently encountered scalp problems that both males and females have to deal with. Whoever pays attention to the looks and physical appearance will certainly not be comfortable to notice dandruff on one’s own face, shoulders, cloths, or on someone else’s either. No, it definitely does not look nice and yes, it certainly influences our impression of a person with this problem, though not in a positive way. However, the truth is that dandruff is a scalp problem that actually has nothing to do with the hygiene. Even though the real cause is not identified so far, it is very likely that some medications, stress, changes in the diet, deficiency in zinc, excessive sweating and even changes in the climate are closely related to this unpleasant problem. This is why a few suggestions on effective solutions will be given why in the continuation.

Effective solutions to the problem in question

Before going to the nearest pharmacy or store, it might be a good idea to try out some of the home remedies which are claimed to be more than helpful in treating this problem. It is no secret that the market is overcrowded with products such as shampoos, which are advertised as miracle makers. And some of them might really be effective, but it will probably not be easy to recognize the product to which the chance should be given first. Also, it is not uncommon that the person has to try several products before the one that gives best results is found, and this requires some time and money. In order to save both, it is useful to know a few homemade remedies.

Cosmetic vinegar is a good solution to the problem in question, and all it takes is to mix two tablespoons of it with six tablespoons of hot water. The mixture should be rubbed into the scalp and left until the morning, when the hair should be washed. A mixture that contains olive oil and lime juice in equal proportions is also a good homemade remedy, which should be applied in the same way as a previously mentioned remedy. Before washing the hair, a person should beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water and the scalp should be massaged with this mixture for 10 minutes approximately. Afterwards, rinsing the hair with lukewarm water should follow. What experts also recommend is to cut down on the intake of sugar and oily and greasy food, as well as to enrich the diet with vitamin B and zinc.

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