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People fighting against cancer rely on their doctors to suggest the appropriate treatment for their disease. There might be nothing wrong with that, but be aware that the drugs, radiation and surgeries commonly used to beat different cancers may weaken your immune system and your whole body, making you prone to some other medical problems. That’s why many people look for additional methods and measures against cancer. These natural anti-cancer protocols are something people can combine with the treatment prescribed by their doctors. However, make sure to consult your doctor and ask them about the changes in your lifestyle and any remedies or supplements you intend to take. Many doctors believe that there is no harm in doing and changing everything you possibly can, in order to win the cancer, but check anyway, to avoid any medical problems and complications.

First and most important of all - change the way you think. This is one of the most important things when fighting against any cancer. Avoid unnecessary stress from your life, because it is known to be "the silent killer". Do anything that helps you to remove stress and have positive mental outlook on your current medical problem and your life.

Cleanse Your Body and Environment

Cleansing of accumulated toxins, undigested food, fecal matter and gallstones might be very good idea. Replace mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth, if you have any. Cleanse the colon and the liver, but also your environment, so eliminate all toxins from your house, workplace and any other place where you spend your time. If you can, move to country and get some fresh air, sunshine and remove the stress.

Eliminate bad habits such as sedentary way of life, poor diet and lack of water and start building better ones instantly. Moderate exercise has been proven to have numerous health benefits. It will stimulate your immune system, production of important hormones and besides making you healthier, you will feel happier. Change Eating Habits and Boost Immune System

Start good, balanced and healthy diet, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, roots, tubers and healthy fish and meat (uncontaminated by growth hormone, pesticides or artificial fertilizers), as well as sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, iodine, potassium and vitamin D. Plenty of clear drinking water is absolutely the must for everyone, not just cancer patients.

Protect the Liver

Clean, restore and protect your liver. This should be done before, during but also after some conventional anti cancer protocol. For this purpose, you could use: sylmarin (milk thistle), selenium or alpha lipoic acid.Anti-Cancer Supplements

There are several products on the market, advertised as great anti cancer supplements. Before you start using any of them (OPC, Inositol/IP6 – Cell Forte, colloidal silver, poly MVA, etc) consult your doctor.

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