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Cellulite is one of the most common cosmetic issues, especially among women. It may be the result of hormones, dietary habits or lifestyle, but whatever the reason is, the fact is cellulite is unsightly and disturbs the figure. That is why everyone wants to get rid of it.

There are many ways to eliminate cellulite, some more effective than the others. Cellulite machines have become quite popular lately, probably because they give great results in the battle against cellulite.

About anti-cellulite machines

Cellulite machines, or anti-cellulite machines to be precise, come in different shapes and forms and they are based on different principles.

Some machines use bands that are wrapped around the body part that has cellulite and stimulate the skin in a way that promotes circulation. Circulation is very important because it allows the body to eliminate fat, water and waste deposits that actually make cellulite. The body’s natural waste elimination system sometimes cannot handle all the waste and needs some help from the outside, and the help comes in form of cellulite machines.

However, in order for anti-cellulite machines to really reduce the dimply and rippled appearance of the skin, it is necessary to be persistent and to go frequently to the sessions. The transformation to normal appearance does not happen over night, it does not even happen over several days. It is a matter of weeks, even months, but with the right diet and reasonably intensive exercise the cellulite may never come back again.

Other machines use different approaches, for example low electric current or radio frequency waves. They are all designed to break the small bumps that make the cellulite, and the waste products and fat cells will then be easily eliminated through the lymphatic system. Those machines are today highly developed and they can be used even on the parts of the body that may seem difficult to reach.

Some promise complete elimination of cellulite in only 10 sessions on those machines. However, this is almost always an empty promise. Cellulite is the result of years of bad habits and accumulated toxins, and there is no chance it can disappear in such a short time.

The best anti-cellulite machines

Most fitness experts, dermatologists and cosmeticians agree that the best anti-cellulite machine are treadmills, bicycles and rowing machines. Not many athletes have cellulite, because they spend a lot of time exercising. Cardio exercise increases the blood circulation and the heart rate and stimulates perspiration. Circulation and perspiration are the best natural mechanisms for eliminating toxins and waste from the body. Therefore, engaging in moderate but regular physical activity is, on the long run, far better than using special anti-cellulite devices and machines.

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