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Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a common type of cancer which affects the women. There are no symptoms in the early stage of cervical cancer. As it progresses the symptoms begin to show. The symptoms may include bleeding between periods and after sex. Women in menopause can also experience vaginal bleeding. You may also experience vaginal discharge which can have a foul odor. Menstrual bleeding can be very painful with heavy flow. You can also feel pain in the pelvis or in the back. Pain during sexual intercourse is also one of the symptoms. The most common cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus which can be obtained during unsafe sex.


Your doctor will determine the proper medical treatment for cervical cancer. In case the cancer is not severe, the surgeon will remove the affected part of the cervix. Several surgical procedures can be performed in this case, such as conization, laser surgery, cryosurgery or loop electrosurgical excision procedure. Another surgical procedure is hysterectomy where the surgeon removes both cervix and uterus. In case the cancer has spread, the surgeon will remove a part of vagina and the lymph nodes, besides the cervix and uterus. Depending on your condition you may need radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Herbal Remedies

There are a lot of herbal remedies and supplements which you can use as an additional treatment of cervical cancer. Such remedies can help your overall health condition and immune system. They can also relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Herb which is highly recommended is aloe juice. You should take one third of the cup three times a day. Aloe helps the liver to eliminate cancerous toxins from the body. Your immune system can be strengthen with astragalus capsules, which should be taken three times a day. You should also drink green tea three times a day. In order to prevent side effects of radiation therapy take about ten pills of snow fungus. Turmeric curcumin tablets should be taken twice a day. Polysaccharide kureha tablets will prevent the cancer from spreading. Another natural remedy is lentinan intramuscular injection which has a positive effect on your immune system. Since this remedy is in a form of injection, a nurse should administer it.


The best prevention measure is to have regular Pap tests which will help discover cervical cancer in early stages. Since women who smoke are more prone to cervical cancer, you should stop smoking. You should also practice safe sex in order to prevent any sexually transmitted disease.

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