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All nutritionists, the doctors and experts generally across the globe will stand by the fact that nutrition is extremely important for your mind and body. When it comes to the battle against the disease called cancer then nutrition plays a vital role in all stages such as the prevention and treatment. Good nutritional diet will help in actually reducing the extension of cancerous cells. To have what is called a healthy nutritional diet, you need to consume food which contains many different nutrients, fats, friendly bacteria’s, plant composites and minerals. All nutrients required by the body can also be found in simple supplements to be taken in a neat tablet.

CoQ10 Supplement to Prevent Cancer

By taking an anti oxidant like CoQ10 will help you in the battle against the disease. It produces energy that is one hundred percent natural and it has been proven to assist in the fight against breast cancer, colon cancer and even melanomas. By choosing to take the CoQ10 supplement you will also be making a choice to keep your immune system intact and will also help your immune system to be strong to kill any leftover cancerous cells. The experts recommend that the CoQ10 is taken every day in doses of two hundred to six hundred mg. However it is very important that you consult your doctor prior to taking the CoQ10, to make sure that it is compatible with any drugs you are currently taking.

Probiotic Supplement to Prevent Cancer

Intestinal cancer is associated with the fecal enzymes that form and make genetic alterations to the cells in the intestines. So by taking friendly bacteria you will be assisting in the stimulation of the immune system which will inevitably reduce the risk of you getting a cancer in the intestine. When you are looking for the right probiotic, have a look for the one containing ten billion colony-forming units in each dose.

Beta Glucan Supplement to Prevent Cancer

Another way to lift up your immune system is by taking the sugar molecule called Beta Glucan. It can be found in baker’s yeast and in mushrooms called shiitake and maitake. In Japan Beta Glucan has been used to treat cancer in patients for around twenty to twenty five years. How it works is by actually sticking to the cells that are cancerous and thus the immune system can and will detect them quicker. It is better to use Beta glucan in conjunction with monoclonal antibodies or interferon which are other therapies for the treatment of cancer.

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