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Backache, as well as all other aches which may affect our body, are signs of something going wrong. Like a complex machinery that our body is, it always gives us warning signs when something is not functioning correctly. Upper or lower back pain, along with neck pain, all appear as warning signs. Surely, if the pain goes away, stress, fatigue or other such factors may have caused it. Yet, if the pain remains persistent, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

The Human Back

The human spine is a complex system of co-dependent pieces which are connected together. These constituents are vertebrae, facet joints, intervertebral discs and muscles with ligaments and tendons.

Vertebrae are the basic parts of the spine, being connected with each other by faced joints which enable movement within safe limits. The discs are there to provide adequate cushioning during this movement, located between each of our vertebra.

So, basically, if any of these constituents start malfunctioning, we experience back pain. For example, the facet joints are full of nerves and any kind of friction between the vertebrae and the joints may lead to severe pain. Alternatively, the joints may end up jammed and give rise to pain too. Also, certain diseases like osteoarthritis may affect the area, leading to bulging of the discs, pressuring the nerves, resulting in pain. Finally, vertebrae may get misaligned, triggering painful friction between the bones.

Stress and Back Pain

We expose our bodies to enormous amounts of stress daily. Namely, environmental pollution, our bad habits like smoking, alcohol and other toxins, mental stress through worries, anxiety, tension and unhealthy lifestyles all are factors which can lead to back pain since all of these issues have an impact on our health.

Take sitting in the office for example. Here, a person is bothered by deadlines creating mental pressure. Furthermore, he/she is sitting at the computer, hunching over the desk, assuming an unnatural body position, pressuring the spine. Finally, he/she treats him/herself with coffee and tons of junk food, due to the lack of time necessary for preparing proper meals. All in all, three destructive factors are bombarding the body of an average worker daily. Therefore, it is no wonder that a great percentage of people are suffering from backaches.

Treatment for Backache

Traditional, medical, treatment usually involves medications which can trigger negative side-effects and surgery which is excessively invasive and painful. Resting can lead to a worsening of the symptoms and so can exercising. Therefore, an alternative method of treatment is necessary.

You should not treat the symptoms only. Rather, you should focus on treating the cause behind your backache. Chiropractics is the cure for the itch, in this case. Find a good chiropractor through websites or other ways of making connections, contact the facility and schedule a meeting. After a close examination, the chiropractor will recommend the best possible treatment, allowing you to get rid of your backache once and for all.

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