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Spinal decompression therapy

Spinal decompression therapy includes the use of certain machines or the appliance of certain treatments in order to relieve the pressure on the spine, which can be caused by various reasons. The disc disorders, such as degenerative disk diseases, posterior facet syndrome and sciatica, as well as herniated or protruded disc may considerably affect the spine. There are various procedures for performing of spinal disc decompression that are used in order to treat the causes of the compression of the spine.

One of the ways to treat spinal compression is a surgery. It is an invasive method. However, the most effective non-invasive method for spinal decompression is a therapy performed by a professional using very effective decompression machines. This therapy can reduce the pain that occurs in the back and in the neck, as well as in the shoulders. However, this therapy requires about 15 - 24 treatment sessions.

Spinal decompression machines

One of the most popular spinal decompression machines is the DRX9000 spinal decompression machine. It is widely used for treating chronic back pain that occurs due to a herniated or bulging disk pressing on the nerves of the spine. This machine is effective since it gently stretches parts of the spine for proper alignment and thus reduces the pressure. The pace between the vertebrae and damaged spinal discs are created and the damaged spinal disc can be healed.The DRX9000C spinal decompression machine is very effective in reducing the pain in the neck, shoulders and cervical spine.The DRX9500 spinal decompression machine is used for treating the patients with chronic cervical pain. This machine is a stand alone unit with a fixed headrest unit. Furthermore, this machine uses a table with rollers and motors that apply cyclic forces to the painful region. It is very effective for reducing the pressure between the intravertebral discs that are damaged or weakened.For an electrical stimulation therapy, many professionals recommend EPS8000 spinal decompression machine. Electrical stimulation therapy is recommended to be applied together with spinal decompression therapy. EPS8000 machine sends electrical current to an area, such as, for example, a muscle. The electrical signs cause the muscle to contract. The contraction of the muscles further leads to the strengthening of the muscle since the blood flow is increased in the affected area and the healing is in that way considerably increased. Many types of physical therapy are aided by this type of treatment.

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