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Bodybuilders and Fitness Models

Physical appearance is very important and some might even say crucial in the world of today. Our culture is filled with popular fitness models who can be good role models actually. Proper diet and regular exercise are very important, since they can help you achieve greater mental and physical goals. And the more you work, the results will be greater. There are numerous benefits associated with proper diet and exercise, and if we take a look at the physical aspects, it will improve cardiovascular condition and your physical appearance, and we know that this will help you in achieving more in your life.

Some of the Best

The following lines will be dedicated to best of the best when this area is considered.

The first one on the list is the most popular bodybuilder ever and that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was born in the 1947 in Austria, and he began his training in the 1960s. During his career, he has been awarded with seven Mr. Olympia awards, many power lifting and other bodybuilding awards, but his biggest achievements are the five titles of Mr. Universe. He is also a famous movie star, who has become a governor of California several years ago. Next on the list is Tevita Aholelei, who was born in the Kingdom of Tonga, located in south Fiji. He is an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) champion who started the career in the 1997. He resides in California, with is children and wife, and during his career, he has won numerous awards. Tevita participated in the operation desert storm in the Iraq during the year 1991. He had a nickname Stone of Tonga due to his place of birth. The first female builder to be mentioned is Lora Ottenad, who was born in the 1965 in Seattle, Washington. She had 175 pounds and height of 5'8" and when she became the national champion in the 2006, she entered to world of professionals. She took the 11th position in the 2007 Ms. International competition, and on her debut. One retired female bodybuilder named Rachel McLish won several awards in the 1980s. She was born in Texas in the 1955 and won Ms. Olympia on two occasions. During the period from the 1980 to the 1990, she stared in several movies.

As you can see, these are people who can be excellent role models. Many people think this is not true and seem to look down on professional fitness models. The reason why people seem to think like this is the fact that professional fitness models live due to workouts and physical exercises. But they work hard, more than most people in order to get the results we see.

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